Hurricane Florence

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Drop Off Supply

Items Needed: Bottled water, baby formula, baby food, diapers, toilet paper and non-perishable items that can be opened without a can opener. 
Drop Off Time:
Friday, Sept. 14th: 1-6 PM
Saturday, Sept. 15th: 1-6 PM
Sunday, Sept. 16th: 8AM-6 PM 
Drop-Off Place: Christ Alive Church, 1549 SW Blvd in Newton, N.C


Give Financially towards relief efforts and response teams.100% of monetary gifts will be transferred to national, disaster response organizations.
Designate your gift to “Relief"

Join Relief

Receive updates by text message on disaster relief opportunities, and ways you can make a difference. 
Text the word Relief to
(828) 398 4007

Prayer Focus

Pray with us as we declare peace and strength to rest within the hearts of families and businesses in its path. We contend in prayer that the storm turn away, disappears, or has no damaging effect. As believers, we can always rest assured that His sovereignty guides us in every season. In sickness, health, peace, and storms, we can trust His character. God is good.