Miracles REQUIRE Crisis

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Psalm 77:14:

You are the God who works wonders; you have made known your might among the peoples.

cri·sis   /ˈkrīsis/ noun

plural cri ses \ ˈkrī-ˌsēz 

1. a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

Crisis.  We all pretty much hate this word, right!? This word typically conjures negative emotions and is something that we as humans do our best to avoid. 

Crises usually come wrapped in a huge wad of impossible mess that renders most hearts and minds helpless, hopeless, and fearful. 

Our internal GPS is constantly surveying the landscape of our daily lives and is perceiving the potholes and pitfalls that potentially lie in our path so that we can find ways around them; or, ways to eradicate them altogether.

But WHAT IF our “perspectives” underwent a radical transformation in how we relate to this word called CRISIS?

From Genesis to Revelation we are taken on a journey from one crisis to the next. Each were riddled with dire and impervious complexities which, in the natural, could only have resulted in absolute demise of a person and/or obliteration of the nation watching it all unfold. 

To name a few... in the Old Testament we have Noah and the Great Flood, Moses and the Red Sea, then there is David and Goliath, and the Shulamite’s son who died. 

On it goes to Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace. Etc.

Over in the New Testament we have the Gospels filled with crises after crises involving sickness, disease, ship wrecks and death. Lack of food for multitudes, life threatening storms, people bound by demonic powers. And then... there’s a cross that, in that climatic moment, roared the end of all hope to those trusting in a Promise. 


Each Crisis led to an OPPORTUNITY, 

that led to an ACT of faith, 

that led to a MIRACLE, 

that led to the GOD of the miracle, 

that led to God’s GLORY being REVEALED to human flesh. 

In every case and testimony given to us there was a “BUT GOD” moment...

He always had, and continues to have, a “BUT” waiting around the corner.

We love reading and retelling these amazing stories of a God whose power intervened during insurmountable and impossible occasions. 

We often express longing to see the God of the Bible active in our present day lives, demonstrating His Supernatural Hand. 

But if we’re honest, we have to admit that we really don’t want the crisis that is required in order to experience the miracle that is desired. 

And, if we do “have to have” a crisis... we want it to be packaged in comfortability and convenience. 

We prefer to dictate how the dilemma will arrive and determine what it will look like when it gets here. As well as how long it will stay, and the degree to which it will impact. 

But WHAT IF we began to understand that hell’s schemes in creating a crisis are being allowed so that we can be provided divine opportunities to establish gateways for the Glory of God to be unveiled in the earth??

WHAT IF we took the Lord’s Prayer literally when Jesus said: “Your will be done ON EARTH as it is IN HEAVEN” (Matt. 6:10)?  Did Jesus not call and command us to bring that same atmosphere into our now situations? And is that not what He did when He was here on earth? 

This is what the entire 4 gospels are about... Jesus continuously stepped into lives that had collided with tragedy. He always looked to see what the Father was doing and then brought God’s will into that specific moment and that specific circumstance. 

In event after event He was never struggling with fear. 

He was never wringing His hands. He was never wrestling with anxiety... 

He only... released miracle after miracle, after miracle. 

So, WHAT IF we had a paradigm shift in our thinking and in our perspectives that radically changed how we viewed the darkness and devastation around us? 

WHAT IF we no longer cowered in fear, or reacted with worry?  

What if we saw “Opportunity” instead of “Impossibility”?

And how does a person even experience this type of mental revolution??

Through serious time spent with Jesus. 

It’s this thing called “prayer”.  

It’s intimacy with the Creator of the Universe.  

It’s intentional time with Him, and Him alone. 

This “prayer relationship” produces an unwavering peace that results in an unwavering trust that everything is under the Spirit’s control. 

From this position we are able to step into a place of faith that moves one’s perspective from doubt and unbelief to an unseen realm where radical transformation happens and where miracles are expected and become the norm. 

The human eye and ear cannot detect what is happening in heaven’s realm, but the surrendered spirit within us can; and, is able to discern the ultimate plan being revealed by the Father.

Is it possible that this diabolical-pandemic upset has been acquiesced by Sovereignty with the intention of transforming His people’s perspectives so that inevitably the tables would be turned on demonic agendas?

Are we being challenged to no longer REACT to devastation around us, but instead, to ACT in faith and in accordance with heaven’s decrees? 

Are we being called to open up a pathway for the Presence of His Majesty so that He can step into His creation’s CRISES moments?

Are our lives the Threshold upon which He will make His entry to a world that is very much in need of His Salvation, His Deliverance, and His Love?

Each day God is providing us with opportunities to make HIM KNOWN. 

We have been called for SUCH A TIME AS THIS. 

This is our MOMENT.  

This is our TIME.

We must get with JESUS.

We must look for and seize the OPPORTUNITIES around us.

We are being set up for the MIRACULOUS.

The clarion call is to bring HEAVEN TO EARTH.

PRAYER prepares the atmosphere.

Press in until a collision of the SUPER with the NATURAL begins to erupt everywhere you go.