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To see God's love reach the hearts of all people

The Dream Team is made up of multiple teams that focus on reaching various people groups and needs to show God's love. Our hope is for everyone in the church to use their gifting and talents to serve people with big smiles and bigger hearts.

Joining a team is one of the primary ways Christ Alive Church is able to show God's love to others. Church isn't about sitting and listening, it's about serving and growing.

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First Impressions | Teams

Before someone ever experiences a worship service or hears a message from our pastor, First Impressions Teams have been hard at work creating memorable first impressions and helpful interactions in our parking lot, lobbies, and cafe – letting people know they are family to us. Teams: Parking > Greeting > Usher > Café > Guest Central

CAC Kids | Teams

Creating fun, kid-friendly environments is what serving in CAC Kids is about. You’ll encourage kids and help them grow in their faith while giving parents the comfort of knowing their kiddo is safe. There is no Jr. Holy Spirit, and we believe kids can hear and grow with God just like we do. Teams: Check-Ins > Nursery > Kids Jr. (4yrs-K) > Kids Elementary (1st-5th Grade)

Media | Teams

If you’re looking for a team that lets you stay behind the scenes, Productions is for you. This team covers all areas of event production, from running cameras, audio, lighting, snapping photos, social media, to providing technical and stage support. Utilizing modern technology is one way we can reach others. Teams: Sound/Audio > Visual (lighting & screens) > Church Online > Creative DT

Operations | Teams

Creating safe places and distraction free environments for families is why the Operations Team exists. This team serves all other teams by being a shoulder to lean on during events and in the church workplace throughout the week. Teams: Medical Standby > Safety

Beyond Sunday | Teams

Beyond weekend services or events, there are people we can show God's love to. From supplying food for families, encouraging people in difficult seasons of their life, serving our community's needs, or simply hanging out with our students after a long school day, we can serve others with big smiles and bigger hearts. Teams: Latino Ministry> Restoration Ministry > People Care