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To see God's love reach the hearts of all people

We believe the church exists to reach and equip people to live lives that reflect His Kingdom and heart for the world. Browse the ministries below to see how you can grow, be equipped, and reach others.


Practical and Biblical Support


No, we're not perfect. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't grow and learn. Our 2nd core value is we believe you are significant. That's why Restoration happens to create a safe and shame-free place for you to work through unhealthy habits and life-patterns. Whether it be battling depression, addictions of any sort, divorce, anger, or sexual abuse and identity, we equip you with Biblical, practical, and relational support. 

When? Restoration meets every Tuesday at 6:30 PM.


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You're not in trouble. You're in a family.


One of our core values is to Create Healthy Family. From dating, engagement, marriage, and parenting, counseling is never a shaming word. It's important we bring other healthy leaders into our process to grow through whatever season we're in. Whether you're wanting to date in a healthy way, grow in your marriage, or anything in between, counseling doesn't mean you're in trouble - it means you're in a family. 

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Kingdom Builders

A core value we live by is to be Generous like our Father. Kingdom Builders are a group of fully committed individuals and families who prayerfully commit to give, over and above their tithes (Biblically known as offering), to the church for

on-going growth.  


As a church, we aim to steward the resources of God's people in a way the honors God, show His love, and advances His Kingdom.


Church is about loving the world locally and around the globe. Every year we take Mission Trips to multiple places to show people God's love, grace, and truth. Some trips are family friendly, while others require a minimum age. No matter what trip you venture on, you can reach your world.

Young Adults

Lets face it, 'adulting' is the real deal. It's much better when you're growing with others in the same boat as you. Young Adults meet on the church campus every 4th Thursday at 7PM

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Young Adults

Church equals family


CAC Students

Student Nights are just for Jr./Sr. High Students. These nights involve engaging music, a message, then end in community (sports, games, hanging out) with eachother. Student Nights happen every Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

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CAC Kids

Your kids matter to us. We firmly believe that as a church, we are to do way more than babysit. We nurture, we encourage, and show kids their significance in this big world. We prioritize their safety, fun, and growable moments in everything we do. Church isn't a place, it's a family.

Our weekend services have kids programs for Nursery (6 Weeks-4yrs) / Kids Jr. (4yrs-K) / Kids Elementary (1st-5th Grade)