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Grow into a stronger Christian by discovering Biblical truth in-person.
Church Hosts

Nathan Phelps

2019 Trip Recap

The whole experience was paradigm shifting. For too long the western church has interpreted theology and the Bible through the traditions of western culture, and not through the context of the actual place and people He gave us His plan through. It was both a humbling and invigorating experience.


Katerina Martin

2019 Trip Recap

I was hesitant at first to make this trip possible, but I'm so glad I did! Seeing and learning firsthand what Jesus spoke of has impacted my entire life.


Tiffany Smith

2019 Trip Recap

It was eye-opening to understand God's word within the culture it was written. I'm more convinced of His love and truth for our lives than ever before.


Aaron Burke

2019 Trip Recap

Being able to share this trip with my wife has brought us closer to one another and God than before. I plan to take my daughter on the next trip.

Your Tour Guide

Hannah Ben-Haim is known as a "legend" among all other tour guides and agencies in Israel. Her 40+ years of guiding and revealing God's word to the lives of His people has made her one of the most sought after Israel Tour Guides of our day. Pair that with her hilarious "call it like it is" personality, and you've got the near to perfect guide. By the end of your trip, we guarantee she'll be more family to you than anything else. We're fortunate and honored to have her join us.

The life of Jesus

Discover how the resurrection and claims Jesus made are proven true and relevant to you today. 


Where did this practice of killing the unborn start? Is is it a moral right? Discover the truth.


Know the origins of your faith with a global and Biblical perspective as you mature in following Christ. 


Unwrap the belief system behind this lifestyle as you learn where and why it began. 

Prophecies + Dreams

Does God really speak to us through  prophecies and in our dreams? What you dream at night might be far more important than you know.

Israel's Significance

Why is this nation always the center of news headlines? What does that mean for us as Christians and the future?

Atheism + Individualism

Understand where these world views were birthed as you deepen your trust in God's word and promises over your life.


Where did Islam begin? Is this truly a religion of peace? Or is there more than meets the eye? 

A Serving Heart

Gain unique insight into how Jesus served others. It is our goal for us all to model the life He lived.


If you are a professor, pastor, teacher, student, counselor, or leader in your organization, you will benefit by “unlocking” and “revealing” God's word to the people you reach. 


The insight and knowledge you gain from our tour guide(s) are not opinions of a casual believer. They are little known historical facts that will give you the tools to bring deeper and broader value in your sphere of influence. 


Whether it's your next book, exam, film, or sermon, this trip equips you for greater impact. 

  • 10 Day Tour: February 23rd - March 4th, 2020
  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • Breakfast + Dinner Daily
  • International Airfare
  • Deluxe Tour Bus with Wifi
  • First Class Hotels
  • Simple Study Guides
  • Gain a mature Biblical perspective
  • In-Ear Audio Sets to easily hear your Guide
  • Strengthen your faith
  • Bring deeper value to your organization
  • Discover the Bible's relevance to your life
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