Embrace Generosity


The Bible teaches us a starting point for giving, the tithe. This is the first 10% of our income that we give to the church, to advance God's kingdom. Tithing is an act of worship that grows our trust in God and reaches people.


When we give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering. One of our core values is to be generous like our father, in Heaven. Our generosity enables resources the local church to serve and reach others locally and globally. At Christ Alive Church, when you give over your tithe, we consider you part of the Kingdom Builders Ministry. 

Giving + Bananas


Kingdom Builders

A core value we live by is to be Generous like our Father. Kingdom Builders are a group of fully committed individuals and families who prayerfully commit to give, over and above their tithes (Biblically known as offering), to the church for

on-going growth.  

The purpose is to provide resources to fulfill the vision God has given to Christ Alive Church, which is all about building His Kingdom. From global missions, local church expansions, 

future christian leaders, and more, your generosity can partner with God's kingdom. 

As a church, we aim to steward the resources of God's people in a way the honors God, show His love, and advances His love over the earth.

you become part of the Kingdom Builders Ministry when you give above the tithe (offerings) on a monthly basis.