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Our Desire

To see God's love reach the hearts of all people

Our desire is for you and every person in this church home to grow maturely and live peace-filled lives in all seasons. We aim for you to discover God beyond a Sunday morning so you can impact the world around you. We are created to love all people genuinely, forgive consistently, know God, and see Heaven come to earth through signs and wonders. Our unity with God and each other allows this to become reality. We are more than a church, we're family. 

Our Story

How did we get here? In the year of 2000, Mark and Tiffany were called out of full-time evangelism to plant a church. They and three others gave up their lives and financial stability to pursue this God-given call. Christ Alive Church was not founded around a need, church split, or a man’s personal dream. It was birthed solely in prayer, fasting, and obedience.


With no resources, connections, or income, cacpeople launched our first Sunday morning service in March of 2001. From a small office, to a middle-school library, YMCA gym, and eventually it’s own property, Christ Alive continues to place God’s heart at the center of all we do. Over a decade later, we are honored to share with you, this unfolding story. 

Get Involed

Some people are shy, some are outgoing. No matter who you are, it's important we are intentional to grow and give ourselves to one another. Every Sunday hundreds of people serve in our Teams and it also gives them a starting place to connect. Your next step is to join a team. 


PS -  checkout these few events for other starting places to connect.

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