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Sunday's Sermon Recap

Your Subtle Compromise

You risk violating your God-given purpose in life with every subtle compromise you give into. As Mark Ivey talks us through the book of Judges, we see that God's people have often started with a strong love to know God's heart and ways. But the moment they began to slightly compromise on their promises to God, they drifted further and further away from His plans and purpose. 

Question? What areas of your life are you allowing subtle compromise?

The Bible Is More Than History

In the book of Judges, God's word and law was viewed more as history than it was a personal invitation to discover and know God himself. When we perceive the Bible as History, we cut ourselves short in not recognizing how alive and relevant it truly is. We learn and reveal God's ways and love for us through the words He has given to us in the Bible. 

Action Step: Ask God what He wants to show you, and ask Him what book of the Bible He wants you to give more focus to as you strengthen your relationship with Him.

God's Spirit Gives Us Strength

Gideon was strengthened by the Holy Spirit to overcome the enemies of Israel after he built an altar for God. When we confess our sins and weaknesses to God, asking for forgiveness so we can become more like Him, He empowers us to live life and love others as He does. 

Question: What things might you need to ask God's forgiveness for?

Today's Prayer

Lord Jesus, help me. I ask for your grace and for your cleansing. Holy Spirit you know what I need to confess, to confront, and what I have concealed. Holy Spirit please heal me. I give you permission to show me where I have allowed subtle compromise to influence my life. Would you please remove the lies and struggles that I have not been able to get beyond in my own strength? Thank you that there is healing in your name. Help me to live from this day forward in freedom, and to offer grace and truth to those around me. Move me beyond myself and help me to love those who cross my path with your love.


This weekend, invite 2 people to come with you to church at 9:30 or 11:15 AM. We're declaring strength and peace over your life and family.