Sunday July 14th | 9:30 or 11:15AM

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What is it?

How you choose to walk through life will positively or negatively impact those around you. So, we created Breakouts to equip you practically and spiritually to live like Jesus. Each moment you find yourself in is an opportunity to advance God’s heart and Kingdom in the earth. It is our hope that you discover ways to grow your heart and actions in Breakouts relevant to you.

What TO Expect

On Breakout Sundays we will begin together in worship. After that we'll all head to individual Breakouts on-campus in place of a sermon. Each Breakout will focus on a topic relevant to your life and will help equip you to model Jesus. Once that Breakout ends, we'll come back together in the Main Sanctuary to pray with one another and launch into the upcoming week together.

Breakout Speakers

On Breakout Sundays you'll get a chance to engage and hear from many incredible voices and leaders from within and outside our church family. Each Breakout will have a speaker who is experienced and set on pursuing the heart of Jesus in everything we do. 


Parenting Teens

learn to forgive

How to share Jesus

What are spiritual gifts

Dating the right way

Getting Out of debt

Overcoming Fear

Balancing Your time

Why God created business

Learn Healthy confrontation

Overcoming Depression

Taking care of your body


Share with us what you feel God wants you to grow most in. Our goal is to equip you to see His Kingdom advanced in our families, cities, and around the world.