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Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love.


We recommend this book, Everybody Always, as it challenges and shows you how to love and pursue connection with others, even your enemies.

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Life of a Disciple

If you're just a church attender, you risk missing God's purpose for your life and knowing Him. 

Start learning what Jesus meant when He invited us to be His disciples with this 4-day Bible App reading plan.

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Parenting With Purpose is a wealth of wisdom compiled by various Christian leaders to help you bring the Kingdom of God to your kids!


As you read, you will discover ways of thinking, practical skills and revelations to help you raise connected & powerful children.

Our feelings are a very vital and powerful part of any love relationship. However, they are very poor decision makers.


When starting a new relationship, here are four healthy guidelines that will help you keep your cool in the midst of emotional euphoria. Read This Blog Post


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